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Grace 24 Update from Julie

Another busy month in Kenya! We continue to provide food for 4 families, as the children are not at school. I believe the schools will be closed until January 2021 because of Covid 19.

This month Jesca has been helping a family who live about 15 minutes walk from her. She knows the family because Peter, who is probably in his twenties, has helped her with work on the shamba. Peter lives with his mother Sarah, and her granddaughter, Christine. Jesca took some food round to help them and was shocked at their home. They were living in a very poor, I room, mud hut with a grass roof. The hut was in very poor condition and the roof was falling off. Sarah is unable to make any money at the moment because of the Covid restrictions.

They wanted to build a 2 roomed mud house because it is not appropriate for Peter to sleep in the same room as his mother and niece. They had the wood needed, Jesca agreed to do the mudding with her children and we were given a donation to pay for a tin roof for the building.

Sarah also has a small piece of land (shamba) and this had not been planted because they could not afford the seed and Peter was very unwell. Jesca and the children prepared the land for her and we paid for some seed and fertiliser so she can plant and harvest maize. This will help supply her with food and she may be able to sell some if the harvest is very good.

Peter has been very unwell for some time. He was embarrassed about his condition, which is making him incontinent and smelly. He had not sought help because of his embarrassment. Jesca is very good with people and she persuaded him to go to the doctor. The doctor prescribed a course of treatment comprising weekly injections and daily tablets. He also requested some tests and x-rays. I agreed with Jesca that we would pay for Peter’s treatment and she is accompanying him to the doctor and making sure he takes his medication.

Peter started the treatment on 6th July, the doctor spoke to Jesca to say Peter was not responding to the medication because he does not have a good diet, he was eating very little because of poverty. We are now giving Jesca some money each week to pay for food for this family while Peter is having his treatment and he is starting to recover. Jesca often cooks and takes food to the family.

We have had a good response to Josiah’s chicken project and are now in a position to help him set up the business. In order for Josiah to communicate regularly with me and be accountable for the business we have purchased a smart phone for him. He is now able to communicate directly with me and send me photos and receipts.

If there is anyone who would like to be a regular contact and encourager to Josiah, who is able to use WhatsApp, please let me know. It would be particularly good if there were a man who could take on a role of mentor to him.

I will keep everyone updated as this chicken project progresses.

Thank you again to everyone who contributes to this work in Kenya, it is a small project, but hopefully it is making a big difference to a few of the poorest people in Kenya.


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