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Sunday Service - 22nd March 2020

Hi, this is Pete. Welcome to our first online service. There is no set order - just a chance to share prayers, songs and lessons from the Bible.

Welcome Message from Kevin

Click here and press play to listen to Kevin's welcome message. The volume is a little low, so you will need to turn it up. Remember to reduce the volume to your usual listening level afterwards - unless you want a shock later!

Talk - Living Wisely from Pete This week I have recorded a talk for our series on Acts called 'Living Wisely'. When Paul and Silas are thrown in prison they show what can be achieved by showing God's lovingkindness.

To listen to the talk, click here and press the play button. Readings are taken from: Colossians 3:16, Colossians 1: 3-14, Acts 12:1-18 and Acts 16:11-38.


I have created a playlist on YouTube with a few worship songs that I hope will be encouraging and uplifting. 1 Peter 1:3 reminds us that we always have hope in Jesus Christ. However difficult the current circumstances, I pray that all is well with your soul.

To watch the worship playlist, click here and then click where it says 'Play All'.

Thought for the Day Julie is doing a live 'thought for the day' on Facebook at 10:30am, which is a lighter talk for all ages. To watch Julie's live talk, you will need a Facebook account (instructions for joining here) and will then need to let Kevin know you want to join the group by email at

Prayer from Kevin

Dear Lord,

You are the Son of the living God and we praise you Lord for who you are. You are holy, yet you made a way for us to approach you and to know salvation in your name.

Lord we are so incredibly in need of your power and your strength. We ask that you would fill us with your Spirit of love and unity. Please help us to truly live out a life of love. We know that this is only possible through the power of your Spirit, so we ask that you would move across our land in miraculous ways, with fresh filling and awareness, turning your people back to you, drawing others to come to know you.

We need you Lord to stir our hearts and give direction to our days. We need your wisdom at this time to guide us and we need your Spirit to lead us, to live out godly lives that would bring honour to you. We thank you that you are always with us; and give us great purpose and hope.

We pray at this time for healing on our land and the nations of the world. Shine your face and your blessing over your people. Give us courage to go into all the world and take the message of the Gospel of peace. We need you now, more than ever before. Our times are in your hands.

Thank you that you are:

Rich in mercy and full of grace, forgiving and merciful.

Strong and mighty.

For us and you fight for us still today.

Wake us up Lord! Remind us to live aware, listen to your words, and be willing to make a difference in this land. Give us courage to speak out. Help us not to stay silent but to do all things through your wisdom and love. Bring honour to your name in these days Lord, for you alone are worthy.

At Shoreline we particularly pray for the following –

  • Those that are sick, unwell and struggling physically and emotionally at this time. Those that are carers, helpers and supports for others. Lord give them strength, peace and hope. Lord we lift to you in particular Diane and Dave, and Don and Hildegard.

  • We pray for Martyn as he completes on the sale of his family home in Osborne View Road - Martyn would value your continued prayers that the outstanding paper work will be completed in good time and everything will come together for the new date. Lord, fill Martyn with your peace at this time.

  • We pray for Margaret as she moves to stay with her daughter for a period of time.

  • We pray for those working in challenging environments at this time – we pray for Helen L P, Wendy and Lorraine in particular.

  • We pray for Anne M and arrangements over her planned move of house.

  • We pray for Frank and Peggy for guidance as they assist with arrangements for the funeral of a close friend.

  • We pray for all struggling at this time with isolation, anxiety and uncertainty – Lord bring your peace.

  • Lord we pray for all of those separated from friends, family and loved ones.


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