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Sunday Service - 30th August 2020

We are starting a new series on Big Words. Not necessarily long words but words that have a big meaning behind them. Some of these words we use every day but in the bible the true meaning can be quite different from our everyday use and understanding. We are starting with the word HOPE.

The biblical concept of hope is not the ordinary concept we use in everyday speech. It does not imply uncertainty or lack of assurance. Instead, biblical hope is a confident expectation and desire for something good in the future. In Hebrews chapter 6, the writer describes hope as an 'anchor for the soul'. In todays short talk Charles Sibthorpe talks about hope in the context of his own life and what is currently taking place in society today.


Reading - Romans 15:1-13

Click here to watch Charles Sibthorpe's talk, with an introduction by Kevin.


If I was to write a definition of hope based on the song 'Living Hope' it might look something like this...

Hope (noun) - The knowledge that Jesus Christ has reduced the chasm between us, finishing his work and sealing a promise by showing loving-kindness, great mercy and boundless grace as he gave up his throne to bear our sin in forgiveness and remove death's claim on us in order to claim us as his own.

That sounds like a lot of words and ideas for one sentence, but it really is just a tiny glimpse of the immeasurable hope that Jesus gives us.

Twenty-four weeks into this form of worship we are still having to sing in separate locations using videos, but Jesus deserves all the praise we can muster from our hearts, so I invite you to give whatever you have as we sing together.


Click here to go to the video.

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