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Sunday Service - 5th April 2020

Welcome. I guess we are beginning to settle into a routine now. This is our third week of Shoreline being online and our thoughts are beginning to turn to Easter. Jesus' sacrifice on the cross is the foundation of our faith; the catalyst for everything we do in following Him. We are reminded, as Jesus addresses the disciples at the Last Supper, to remember Him when we break bread. We may be apart from each other physically, but we are one with God, so let's take this chance to come together in worship and communion.


Father, may all the glory be given to You as we think about Jesus' sacrifice. Luke 19: 38 says "Blessed is the King who comes in the name of the Lord. Peace in heaven and glory in the highest." Only you can bring about that peace. Only You can send Jesus in your name. Only you can defeat sin and death, through your son. Only you can restore our souls and keep us safe from Satan's plans. Thank you for remembering us.

I pray that you will continue to do your work through the Holy Spirit; that our faith will not be dead. May we grow in our knowledge of your ways. May we be the image of You that you made us to be, as we remember Jesus' sacrifice now.


Communion led by Geoff

Geoff has recorded a communion service, including a song. Before you click the link, you may wish to get some bread to break and wine (or substitute) to remember our Saviour. Click here when you are ready.

Reading from Martyn - Mark 11: 1-11

Martyn has recorded a reading to set the scene for Palm Sunday. Click here to watch. There are auto-generated subtitles available from the options at the bottom of the video.

Palm Sunday Talk from Beryl

After despair and anger, hopelessness and loss comes resurrection, victory and new life. Click here to hear the full talk from Beryl.

Worship Playlist chosen by Kevin, Rob and Alan

From this week's playlist, these words teach us how to approach God in worship: "Here I am, humbled by your majesty, covered by your grace so free" Ephesians 4: 7 says, "But to each one of us grace has been given as Christ apportioned it." Please click here and take some time to listen, reflect and sing.

Legal Bit: Cover Photo by Tobias Lystad on Unsplash.

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