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About shoreline

A word about us

Church, at its core, is about finding a personal relationship with Jesus and knowing the joy of His grace and salvation.

At Shoreline, we encourage individuals of all ages and backgrounds to bring the Lord Almighty into their lives at every moment - moments of joy, moments of despair, and even those moments in between. We are committed to the teachings of Jesus Christ, and are here to spread His message with loving patience and kindness. 

Shoreline is a non-denominational fellowship and we have people from a range of Christian backgrounds and none! We value our relationships with other churches and Christians in the local area and beyond. It has been important to us to encourage and develop a sense of unity amongst all believers in our local community and focus on building God's kingdom as he taught us.

leadership team


Kevin Stares
Church Leader, Musician

Kevin has been leading Shoreline Church with his wife Julie since we started in the summer of 1999, building a foundation of gentleness, grace and good Bible teaching.


Lesley Bohling
Organiser, Encourager

Lesley was an experienced practice manager in the NHS. She takes responsibility for admin tasks and some pastoral care, and is a key part of our prayer line.


Rodney Beckett

Beck is our treasurer and his wisdom and insight are invaluable to our team.

Pete (3).JPG

Pete Jennings
Musician, Content Creator

Pete is an experienced worship leader, and contributes to our Sunday services and website.


Julie Stares
Church Leader, Children's Worker

Julie is married to Kevin and together they lead Shoreline. She oversees Grace 24 as well as leading many of our prayer times.


alan Bohling
Musician, Communicator

Alan is a gifted musician and communicator, and a trained counsellor. He has many years experience working with the Salvation Army, in both the U.S. and the U.K.

Geoff and Penny.jpg

Geoff & Penny Colverson
House Group Overseers

Geoff and Penny are home group leaders and are mature and experienced Christians.


Lorraine Jennings
Children's Worker

Lorraine is a gifted teacher and leads the children's work in Shoreline.

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