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Sunday Service - 19th April 2020

Easter is a rollercoaster of emotions, from the cross to the empty tomb. We build up to it for weeks, but when the dust has settled should we be left unchanged; should we just continue as before. Perhaps this week is a chance to take stock. Perhaps this is the start of something new. After the resurrection, what comes next?

Come and spend some time with Jesus as we learn about him and worship his name.

Prayer from Mark Graham

O Heavenly Father we thank you for all that you do for us. You are the bread of life; you are the God that loves his children; who never let's us down. And in these trials of life may we lean more on you. Let us have faith not fear. Thank you Father. Amen.


What a wonderful name it is... the name of Jesus. The YouTube playlists have been invaluable in recent weeks in continuing our sung worship, but I wanted to do something that felt a little more personal and little more Shoreline. Click here to join me in singing to our Saviour.

Reading from Charlie

Click here to listen to the reading taken from Luke 24: 13-35.

Talk - After the Resurrection from Kevin

Jesus appeared to the disciples several times over 40 days. Click here to listen to Kevin discuss what that meant for them and what it means for us.

Worship Playlist

Something a little different this week... Paul Baloche is a long time worship leader responsible for writing songs such as Praise is Rising, Open the Eyes of My Heart and Above All - songs that, in his words, give people "a vocabulary to sing back to God." This weeks playlist focuses on his songs. There are a couple to watch and listen to, an explanation of the song he considers his personal testimony and two lyric videos to join in with.

Click here to watch the playlist.

Shoreline Online Community

Shoreline has a growing online community on Facebook. This is a great place to share anything from ideas, prayers, news and discussion, to photos and craft activities. Every Sunday at 10:30am there is a live video from Kevin and Julie, and Kevin also posts a 'Pause for Thought' on Wednesday. Click here to join or email

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