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Sunday Service 26th July 2020

My computer has not been on it's best behaviour this week so apologies for the brief blog... we do still have a worship playlist and a talk though, so there's still plenty to dive in to.


It's always good to explore different aspects of God's nature. God created the universe, created time itself, he loved us before we were born, he offered a saviour when we sinned, and he will be forever faithful... and that's just the tip of the iceberg!

Click here to open this week's playlist, then press Play All.

Talk - Covenants Part Two (David Pawson)

A number of people have requested that we post the second part of David Pawson's talk on covenants. Click here to listen to the talk. The notes are below, just click on the Biblical_Covenants PDF file and it should automatically download.

Download PDF • 341KB

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